Buyer Beware of Counterfeits

The greatest form of flattery is imitation. Unfortunately, this kind of imitation is not flattering to us at Kimber Kable, or our customers. Over the past year, we have seen a great increase in the amount of counterfeit Kimber Kable available on the internet. While these counterfeit cables may appear to LOOK genuine, they are a far cry from the quality and craftsmanship of products that we create. A perfect example of these counterfeits is our 8AG and 4AG speaker cables. We no longer manufacture these products but the internet if full of so-called Kimber AG cables. Any Kimber AG speaker cable selling online is absolutely suspect. The vast majority of these counterfeits are being produced overseas. A good rule of thumb is that if you are buying a ‘Kimber Kable’ product  that is shipping from Hong Kong or China, it is more than likely fake. Kimber Kable speaker cables and interconnects are produced here in our facility in Ogden, Utah. Anything claiming to ‘ship from the factory overseas’ is simply a ploy to close the sale on these counterfeit goods. We advise customers to only buy from authorized Kimber Dealers. Beware of auction or bid sites, and any site that is shipping from overseas. Once the cable is purchased, there is nothing we can do.

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  1. shlomi says:

    dear kimber,

    there is a guy on ebay selling kcag 1 meter interconnects terminated with wbt 0144. he seems to have sold 3 pairs in the last few months. did they ever come with this termination? the ones i see now have the wbt 0147.

  2. Nate Mansfield says:

    If I were to buy high end product on Ebay I would insist on paperwork that shows the original purchase transaction.

  3. Nate Mansfield says:

    There are not any authorized sellers for Ebay or Audiogon.

  4. Damian says:

    Hi There,

    Do you ever Kimber use WBT 0144 plugs for KCAG cable ?
    I will be wait for your answer, Thank You
    Best regards,

  5. Nate Mansfield says:

    We have always had a policy to allow a customer to choose what connectors we use so it could have been done on a special request. We do offer the KCAG with WBT-0147 as a standard item.

  6. Damian says:

    I’m not sure the purchase on auction a website (Allegro in Poland)
    I do not know if the cable is the original :(
    I have question, whether I buy from you cable with shipping to Poland ?
    What will be the price ?
    I am very interested in buying cabel IC KCAG 1m
    Thank you

  7. Rock Singer says:




  8. RocK Singer says:

    Can I send you a piece of some Kimber speaker cable I bought on ebay to see if it’s counterfeit or not.


  9. Nate Mansfield says:

    There is not enough time for me to encourage sending in photos. I think all the previous blog writing is very clear. Buy from an authorized dealer or insist on original purchase paperwork.

  10. Nate Mansfield says:

    Yes. Use “MAN5131″ on the information line.Please send printed copies of all details from the purchase transaction and original packaging from seller is possible.

  11. genera says:

    Have you done any double blind A/B listening comparisons between Kimber made cables and the Chinese knock-offs? Are the Chinese cables inferior in construction, and do they have fake Kimber logos. Do they use similar quality copper/silver wire and WBT termination jacks…or do they just look like Kimber products.

  12. genera says:

    If someone bought fake Kimber Kables and has been using them un-aware they were fakes, and has been enjoying them and not feeling they were inferior in performance until he finds out they are fakes, then what does that say about why people buy expensive cables? Perhaps ego massaging (at a discount price of course) plays a greater part in the buying process than any audible superiority. My point is, that if you bought fake cables and are enjoying them believing they are the real thing, why would it matter that they were fakes to the buyer?
    It’s obvious on several levels why Kimber Kable would not like the existence of knock off cables, but if the end user can’t tell the difference then no real problem exists for him.

  13. Nate Mansfield says:

    We have analyzed the fakes in every method. I assure you they only look the part to a novice and they certainly don’t sound anything like a Kimber Kable product. Our fear is that someone would buy the fake and make an assessment of all our products from that bad impression. When you buy a fake Rolex from a guy in a trench coat you know it’s not real. When you buy fake Kimber Kable with the assumption it is real, our credibility is at risk. We have a legacy of delivering consistent performance and value. If there was a way to keep the same performance and value at a lower price, we would have done it by now don’t you think?

  14. Nate Mansfield says:

    I agree if no difference existed there would be less of a problem, but that is not the case so I feel obligated to warn potential customers that fake cables will not deliver the expected authentic Kimber Kable experience.

  15. Nate Mansfield says:

    You will get the best service when you buy through the authorized distributor for your country. view the list here.

  16. saint joseph says:

    In 2010, I bought from an authorized dealer:

    1. a pair of PMC speakers (a few thousand dollars),
    2. a pair of 3-metre Kimber Kable speaker wires (4 figures),
    3. a pair of 1-metre Kimber Kable connecting from
    4. a new NAD single CD player (4 figures) to
    5. a new NAD amplifier (4 figures).

    Not only does the music sound better, it actually sounded close to 88% of concert hall performance.

    As in fine wine, the next 5% is un-proportionally more expensive. I simply do not believe a sound system sounding 100% concert hall performance.

    It would be much cheaper and more enjoyable to get a very good seat at the actual concerts.

    I could hear the instruments distinctly, the low volume passages came in crisp and clear with all the nuances, and the loud notes came in clear and “uncluttered” as would be with a cheaper system.

    It is worth the $10,000. But nowhere near my younger brother’s system at well over $100,000 in a 4,000 square feet sound room.

    None the less, my system is mighty satisfactory for mortals like me!

    Truth be known, it took me some serious saving to pay for my system!

  17. Han says:

    I’m a long-time lover of Kimber Kable. Unfortunately, nowadays there are too many fake Kimber Kables on on-line second-hand market in South Korea. I think more than 80%. Because they are already second-hand, third-hand or more, the seller can say he didn’t get the papers from the former user and insist that they are the real Kimber (or even the seller doesn’t know it is fake one).
    The problem is, because they are too cheap and too many, people buy them just to try the Kimber and the Kimber is not a good sounding cable.

  18. Nate Mansfield says:

    This is the exact reason we have great partners like K One av. You can contact them and they will know better if the product is legitimate.

  19. John Sayles says:

    Hi Nate.
    I have 2 questions but first sume background.
    I am a big fan of kimber kable,my phonostage and linestage
    are wired internaly with KCAG, the rest of my interconnects are KCAG and silver streak.
    My speakers are wired internaly with 4TC and wire between amp and speakers is 4TC.
    This wire has been in my system for about 18 years.
    My questions are, does this wire deteriate over time.
    And if not will it sound as good as the new stuff of the same designations.
    Thanks John.

  20. Nate Mansfield says:

    I’m glad you are having a great experience with our cables. Your question could be answered a few different ways, but I’ll keep it simple. If the cabel is not visually damaged it is as good as new.

  21. Nate Mansfield says:

    We’re happy to be part of your pursuit. Thanks for the note and supporting local dealers.

  22. Joel Hall says:

    This morning I saw on ebay a pair of brand new in the package Hero interconnects 1.0 meter with WBT 0114’s selling for $199. The seller is Audio Visual Cable Store in Los Angeles. Are these counterfeit inasmuch as other online retailers (e.g. Audio Advisor) sell new ones for $310? Or, is the dealer markup so high that the seller in this ad can still make a profit at $199 selling true Kimber Hero’s?

    Thanks for your input,

  23. Daniel Zheng says:

    Hi Nate, I am in Australia, I would like to buy a pair of 8TC (2.5M pair) with factory terminated, I found an authorised dealer in Australia—-JDAudio, but on their website, it seems there is no 8TC factory terminated,also they encourage that buyer can DIY terminations, I am not sure I can achieve the same sound qulity compare to the factory terminated, although I am an experienced HiFi DIYer….or can I buy a pair of 8TC (2.5M pair) with factory terminated directly from you?

  24. Ray says:

    Hey Nate-Dawg, just took advantage of the 299.00 deal, and you will never have to give my money back, you can thank Jared, i look foward to your next special. keep up the great work and thank you for a great product!!!

  25. Andrew z says:

    On hero RCA interconnects, I’ve seen packaging showing 0144 and also 0114, is one newer or older or better? Thanks

  26. Nate Mansfield says:

    The new 0114 is a better sounding connector. It is the same price as the 0144, but incorporates new “NEXTGEN” technology form WBT.

  27. Nate Mansfield says:

    Thanks for the loyalty.

  28. Nate Mansfield says:

    JDAudio can deliver the same quality as our factory. They have been handling the brand for almost 20 yrs.

  29. Nate Mansfield says:

    There are no “new” Kimber Kable products for sale on Ebay

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