When Braiders Go Bad

I just thought this would be of interest to folks like me who love to see how something is made.  Here is a sample of 8TC that got hung in the braider.  Further testament to the level of personal craftsmanship that goes into every cable we make.  This photo shows some 8TC (bottom) that got stuck on the braider compared to standard run 8TC.  The super tight version consumes three times the amount of material per foot and is super stiff.  It doesn’t happen often so this is a rare glimpse into our screw ups.

3 Responses to “When Braiders Go Bad”

  1. Paul Bontono says:

    Out of interest Nate, how does the tighter cable sound?

  2. Nate Mansfield says:

    We didn’t even have enough for a small pair. I wondered how it would measure and sound. Next time we screw up maybe we’ll run some tests. I wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Thanks for the interest.

  3. Antonio says:

    Hey Nate, I’m surprised you didn’t continue the run and test it. Never know, you may stumble and do an Edison :) Regards

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