KS 1230

Connector Options

  • Silver UltraplateSilver Ultraplate
  • WBT-0102 AgWBT-0102 Ag
  • SME 90 DINSME 90° DIN


  • Hyper-pure Solid Core Silver Conductors
  • Orthogonal Geometry
  • V-fluorocarbon Dielectric
  • Dual Concentric Core
  • ESD Yarn
  • 4 Conductor Version with Flying Ground Lead

KS 1230

Vinyl's hot again. We would say that vinyl is still the great format it has always been. Kimber Select Tonearm Kables bring the ultimate performance to the ultimate source. Your turntable will sound more open and articulate. Dynamic compromise is the enemy to all things analog and only with the use of our constrained matrix geometry and the X38R core electrical and mechanical dampening can your listening really find it's groove again.