PK10 Gold

Connector Options

  • Wattgate 350iWattgate 350i
  • Wattgate 330iWattgate 330i
  • Wattgate 350i HCWattgate 350i HC
  • Wattgate 350i AGWattgate 350i AG
  • Wattgate 330i AGWattgate 330i AG
  • Wattgate 350i HC AGWattgate 350i HC AG


  • Specially optimized copper
  • Chroma free conductor dielectric
  • Wattgate Audio Grade Connectors

PK10 Gold

The PK10 Gold offers the additional advantages of the Wattgate Audio Grade connectors. Each of these connectors offer a high performance three layer plating process which adds increased speed in the bass and improved smoothness in the treble.