Carbon 18 XL

loudspeaker cable

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lead lengths are 20 cm

A thoughtful combination of a braided geometry to optimize the reactance profile and a non-twisted parallel straight run (shortest distance between two points) to minimize DCR for wide bandwidth and optimal amplifier damping for lightning fast transients and unrestricted upper ranges. Perfect for high current wide bandwidth applications.

Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer reduces mechanically induced electrical noise and improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric. The outer most sleeving is also carbon doped to reduce charge accumulation on the outer surface of the cable.

Carbon provides a natural sound profile without being excessively bright or overly dark.

Inside the CARBON 18 XL


Connector Options

  • WBT 0610 Cu

  • WBT 0681 Cu (5/16")

  • WBT 0661 Cu (1/4")