Carbon 8

loudspeaker cable

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lead lengths are 20 cm

8, 19.5AWG braided conductors with a seamless braided transition to the + and - terminal for unmatched mechanical integrity and the utmost electrical naturality.

Ideal for small desktop and stand mounted monitors. A minimalist design executed at the highest level. Cabon 8 is very lightweight and flexible placing very little mechanical stress on smaller stand mounted designs.

Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer reduces mechanically induced electrical noise and improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric.

Carbon provides a natural sound profile without being excessively bright or overly dark.

Inside the CARBON 8


Connector Options

  • WBT 0610 Cu

  • WBT 0681 Cu (5/16")

  • WBT 0661 Cu (1/4")

  • PM33 (5/16")

  • SBAN