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Analog Interconnects

Made in the USA Over 40 years

Invite Accuracy

Made in the USA Over 40 years

NAKED is an exquisite cable, capable of delivering an equally exquisite performance. Used between a CD player, phono stage or streamer and your amplifier NAKED will help you achieve perfectly balanced sound that is detailed and musical. Naked is equally at home employed for a pre amplifier to power amplifier connection, allowing your music to flow and the performance to shine.

We designed NAKED to ensure simply nothing stands in the way of your music.

Strait Render

Rendering of plating process

NAKED interconnects start life as a solid-core copper conductor of the utmost purity achievable. We then anneal the surface in hydro-gen-rich environment for maximum conductivity before plating with palladium. This is followed by a thick, 24ct gold plating: this outer layer is conductive while preventing oxidation of the copper conductor, and the palladium slows down the diffusion of the copper into the gold, maintaining the purity and conductivity.

Production of this copper-palladium-gold conductor takes many hours to maintain its purity and consistency

NAKED interconnects are formed from a precision-braided matrix of these remarkable conductors and organic, un-dyed and un-waxed cotton. The cotton serves to lock the conductors in position, maintaining the spacing and geometry, and preventing the conductors touching. Furthermore, the cotton acts as superior insulator, behaving more like the perfect dielectric. The conductors themselves have no insulating polymer applied to their gold surface in the conventional sense - they are truly NAKED.

A high performance wide-braid fabric jacket completes the cable providing additional mechanical damping and protection.

NAKED's unique construction, with uninsulated conductors, means that great care should be exercised with its handling.